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Shopping - Immerse yourself in Hanover's shopping world

In the city center of Hanover, shopping becomes a real experience. Explore the popular pedestrian zone, the old town and other shopping opportunities.

You can shop in a variety of ways when visiting Hanover. One advantage of the Lower Saxony state capital is the short distances, as most of the shopping points are located in and around the city center.

The advantage of the Hotel Am Leineschloss? You walk out of the hotel and get directly in the first quiet pedestrian zone. Only a small, quiet street separates you from your shopping experience in Hanover city center.

The city center - Hanover's center

The central square in downtown Hanover has been called Kröpcke since the 1870s, after the existing café. It is a popular meeting point where the Bahnhofstrasse, Georgstrasse, Karmarschstrasse and Rathenaustrasse cross and which is part of a spacious pedestrian zone.

Start with a tour of one of the most popular and longest shopping streets: Bahnhofstrasse. It is a pedestrian zone laid out on two levels. In the so-called basement, the Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade extends over a length of 650m.

Bahnhofsstraße ends on the station forecourt, where you can marvel at Ernst August’s equestrian monument. The memorial is a popular meeting place for locals and people then meet “under their tails”.

Georgstrasse, which leads off from Kröpcke, is an elegant road that lies between the opera and Aegidientorplatz. Luxurious jewelry, exquisite boutiques and shops in Hanover’s noble promenade await for you. The one kilometer long boulevard offers a wide range of restaurants, cafés and bistros for relaxation.

Luisenstraße and thus also the Kröpcke Passage are located parallel to Bahnhofstraße. The small passage invites exclusive shoppers into the light-flooded and warm rooms.

The shopping galleries in the city center

The Ernst-August-Galerie, opened in 2008, is a shopping center next to Hanover Central Station on Ernst-August-Platz. Here you can park your car on one of the 1,200 parking spaces and stroll around in the 150 shops on almost 30,000 m² of retail space. Enjoy the attractive and comprehensive range of shops and restaurants as well as recurring events that are held all year round in the Ernst-August-Galerie. In addition to fashion, jewelry and shoe stores, you will also find household, living, toys, entertainment and grocery stores in the center.

The Luise Gallery, which opened in 1987, is located right next to the Kröpcke Passage in Luisenstrasse of the same name. The 155m long shop line, built under glass, is a five-minute walk from the State Opera and offers you tasteful fashion, elegant accessories and delicious gastronomy. Exclusive branded products and friendly service are offered in around 20 shops on around 13,000 m².

Hanover's charming old town

In addition to the city center, Hanover’s old town also has a lot to offer. Stroll around one of Hanover’s landmarks: the 97 m high market church. When shopping in Hanover, you can visit elegant boutiques, galleries, half-timbered houses, shoe shops, jewelry shops and pubs in the small streets of the old town. The incomparable charm of the established restaurants and the old town hall invite you to relax and feast.

The well-known market hall in Karmarschstraße is located directly opposite the Old Town Hall and attracts guests and residents with its wide range of delicacies. The market hall located on the edge of the old town is equipped with around 70 shops. In addition to cheese, vegetables, meat and sushi, you will also find a wide variety of culinary delights: from Bavarian delicacies and stews to Turkish, Silesian and Italian specialties. A cappuccino and piece of cake in the afternoon will get your feet tired from shopping going again.

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