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Hotel Am Leineschloss GmbH  |  Am Markte 12  |  D-30159 Hannover
+49(0) 511 357 91-0 |

Arrival from Hanover central station to the hotel

There are 2 ways of arrival: 

  1. From the central station it’s a 10 minute walk to the hotel 
  • Please walk to the entrance of Hanover central station and exit at Ernst-August-Platz. Follow the “Bahnhofstrasse” along (to the south), and you will get to “Karmarschstrasse”. Please walk at the right side of the street until you reach the old town hall (“Altes Ratshaus”, a red brick building). Please turn right in the “Köbelinger Straße”. Now you are heading towards the church (“Marktkirche”). Opposite to the church is Hotel Am Leineschloss. 
  1. You can also arrive by underground:
  • Please walk to the end of Hanover central station and get downstairs to underground 3 or 7 towards “Wettbergen”. The line 9 towards “Empelde” at the same stage is also a possibility. After 2 stations you will reach your destination “Markthalle/Landtag”. Please leave the underground towards “Marktkirche/Altstadt”. You are on “Köbelinger Straße” now, facing the church (Marktkirche). Opposite to that church is Hotel Am Leineschloss.