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Hotel Am Leineschloss GmbH  |  Am Markte 12  |  D-30159 Hannover
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Parking facilities

Our hotel has 17 comfort parking spaces. Two of these parking spaces are electric parking spaces.

A parking space reservation is not possible.

Underground car park height 2.16 meters.                Parking space width: 3 meters

Access via Bohlendamm street

Weitere Parkmöglichkeiten in unmittelbarer Nähe

We recommend that you travel directly to our house via Bohlendamm. In the turning circle you can stop briefly to ask in the hotel whether parking spaces are available.

If not, we will be happy to collect your luggage and direct you to the adjacent parking garages.

The hotel can be reached on foot from the car park in 3 to 5 minutes.

Parkhouse A:

Parkhaus Altstadt/Schmiedestraße hanova City Parken

Schmiedestraße 13,    30159 Hannover

Parkhouse B:

Contipark Parkhaus Markthalle

Röselerstraße 7,    30159 Hannover

Parkhouse C:

Parkhaus Osterstraße hanova City Parken

Osterstraße 42,    30159 Hannover