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Hotel Am Leineschloss GmbH  |  Am Markte 12  |  D-30159 Hannover
+49(0) 511 357 91-0 |

House Rules

Please read the following House Rules and inform all your fellow passengers for a comfortbale stay in our hotel. Please note that our general terms and conditions  also do apply.

  • In order to comply with public order and the house rules, the hotel’s employees are generally authorized to give instructions to every guest to ban them.
  • Open fires, smoking and lighting candles are not permitted in the stairwell, corridor, breakfast room, sanitary areas and hotel rooms. In the event of a violation, we charge a flat rate of € 250.00.
  • Hotel rooms and their equipment as well as other hotel property are not to be damaged.
  • We ask you to report any complaints about the room or any inconvenience caused by other guests in the house to reception immediately.
  • We must point out that any damage caused by you must be reimbursed to the hotel and you will be charged.
  • Breakfast time: 
    Mon to Fri from 06.30 a.m. until 10.00 a.m., Sat and Sun from 07.00 a.m. until 11.00 a.m..
  • If you leaving the hotel, please close the room door. We also ask you to hand out your room card at reception when you check out.
  • For safety reasons, it is not allowed to lean out of the windows – they can only be opened for ventilation. The window sill may not be used as a seat and nothing may be thrown or shouted out of the window.
  • Our fire alarm is a loud beep. If this sounds, it is no longer allowed to go to the room and the hotel must be left as quickly as possible using the signposted escape routes. In this case, only the stairs and emergency staircases may be used, under no circumstances may you use the elevators. Emergency exits are marked accordingly. All escape plans are posted at the reception and on the room doors as well as in the corresponding corridors. The emergency escape meeting point is in front of or behind our building, depending on the situation.
  • Persons not booked in the hotel are only allowed to enter the rooms after prior registration at the reception. The hotel and its employees can refuse entry in individual cases.
  • When using the free W-LAN (if available) for the guest, the provisions of data protection, child and youth protection must be observed. Violations are notifiable.
  • Bringing illegal intoxicants and weapons is strictly forbidden and leads to an immediate ban. In this case, the responsible authorities will also be notified of this fact.
  • Pets are allowed after registration.
  • From 10 p.m., all rooms, corridors and outside areas are quiet. All noise is to be avoided. Failure to keep quiet at night can lead to immediate eviction from the house. The hotel expects other guests, residents and staff to be treated with respect.
  • The use of electrical devices brought along such as Kettles, hotplates, music systems or the like are not permitted. Violations and the resulting damage in the room will be charged to the guest in full.
  • In the event of a fire, please refer to the evacuation plan, which is located on the inside of your room door.
  • The hotel expressly assumes no liability for the loss of valuables (in particular jewelry, cash, laptop, mobile phone).
  • Our staff is available for you 24 hours a day. Regular patrols through the house take place at night. The front door is always closed at night. Access to the house is possible at any time after ringing the bell / or by telephone registration. The public areas are video-monitored for security.
  • Visitors are only allowed to enter the rooms after prior registration at the reception. The staff can refuse entry in individual cases.
  • We reserve the right to dissolve the existing contract and prevent those guests from services if they disregard the house rules and the behavior of the guest causes damage to the hotel or other guests.
  • Gross violations of the house rules, the general terms and conditions as well as disregard of instructions by the staff lead to eviction. A reimbursement for services already paid is excluded.

The general terms and conditions of the Hotel Am Leineschloss are also valid – these are available for viewing on our website or can be requested at reception.

Thank you for observing these house rules. If you have any further questions about your stay, we are always at your disposal.

We wish you a pleasant stay at the Concorde Hotel Am Leineschloss and we are pleased that you are our guest.

Your team from the Concorde Hotel Am Leineschloss

Corona House rules

Extended house rules

Dear guests,

the Concorde Hotel Am Leineschloss reopens its doors for you and works with a new hotel concept depending on the situation. We therefore ask you to follow the associated rules of conduct to ensure your health and that of our employees.

In accordance with the provisions of the state government of Lower Saxony, we are expanding our house rules in order to guarantee you a safe and comfortable stay.


Comfort check-in

In order to minimize the waiting time at the reception, we ask that you send all required registration data in advance. These include: surname, first name, date of birth, full private address and, if required, the desired billing address. A sample registration form can be downloaded from our homepage. At the reception you only have to give a signature when checking in.

Distance regulations

A minimum distance of 1.50 m must always be maintained throughout the hotel complex, i.e .:

  • Enter the breakfast room individually and at a distance.
  • Only designated spaces may be used in the lounge area.
  • The tables in the breakfast room may not be moved.
  • Please take care to avoid physical contact with others.

Hands disinfection

You will find a disinfection station in our lobby. Please use this when you enter the hotel.


We offer the breakfast buffet or packed lunches according to the regulations of the state of Lower Saxony.

Drinks and snacks

You can help yourself to the drinks and snacks machines in the lobby or on the 4th floor of the hotel around the clock. As usual, you will find the welcome water in your room upon arrival.

Signs of illness

If you develop signs of illness during your stay in our house, such as fever, cough, breathing problems, loss of taste / smell, sore throat and body aches, nausea / vomiting, diarrhea, we ask you to stay in your room and to contact the around to report the manned reception desk. We will discuss further measures with you.

Check out

Please open the hotel room window widely for check-out in order to protect our cleaning staff.

Invoice dispatch

Invoices will now be sent to you by email or to an email address of your choice.

If the house rules are violated, the employees of the hotel are responsible entitled to pronounce a house ban for guests.

Your team from Concorde Hotel Am Leineschloss